Gully Jessup

Gully is surprisingly fit for a computer jock and junk food junkie. His ADHD and hormones run his life. He’s an overzealous fan of fictional detectives and would give anything to be a cool P.I. like one of his heroes from the 70s & 80s nostalgia TV re-runs he streams (Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon, and, of course, Jim Rockford). Throw in some Sherlock & Watson and Nero Wolfe & Archie Goodwin, and he’s in hog heaven. In Gully’s mind, Gully & Finch are destined to become the iconic, real-world descendants of these fictional characters. 

Gully’s motives are not always altruistic, and he’s more interested in “The Case of the Missing Yogi” because she’s one hot Yogi: solve the case, get the girl. 


Tyler Stettler/Gully


Oscar Mansky/Finch


Finch Watkins aka Watson

Finch loves photography equipment and surveillance electronics of all sorts. The more retro the better. His favorite movie is Coppola’s The Conversation. Finch is the logical introvert to Gully’s zealous extrovert and the romantic gentleman to Gully’s horny adolescent. The only thing Finch worships more than his gadgets is his high school crush, Nisha Arya. Her appearance at the scene of a crime has a way of derailing the mission. Gully takes the brunt of Finch’s emotional upheaval, although Gully never seems to notice. And if he does, his naive, happy-go-lucky disposition provides the perfect cover. 

Finch is a brilliant underachiever whose MIT degree in optics gets little use in his gig at the local coffeeshop. Finch has a penchant for helping people he perceives as “victims” by catching perps in the act with his spy-cams. This heroic instinct usually results in causing more harm than good, which is why Finch has been tagged a snitch! Finch is generally anxious and carries a lot of guilt from all his forays into do-goodings-that’ve-gone-bad, but he just can't help repeating the same mishaps over and over again. This is why he ultimately can’t resist Gully’s call to service as a private detective.

The Missing Yogi


Agatha "Aggy" Nunez

Aggy, as only her close friends call her, is an ambitious student with dreams of being a successful online yoga instructor. In an effort to jumpstart her career, she has begun to develop an online following. Given the nature of her risqué photos, and her incredible flexibility, Agatha Nunez goes viral. Unfortunately, the photos Aggy posts and tweets have led to her being publicly shamed and misunderstood. And to add insult to injury, Aggy has a stalker whom Gully gets mistaken for during his relentless endeavor to gather information on the missing yogi’s whereabouts. 


The Case of the Missing Yogi


Addie Silva/Aggy


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